Call for Rectors

15 Mayıs 2018

Dear Rector,

Unfortunately, the US has shown that it has preferred to maintain its stance, which disregards the most basic principles of international law, the will of the international community and historical and social realities, by moving its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Al-Quds. By moving its Embassy to Al-Quds, the US has punished the Palestinian side which has repeatedly proved that it really desires peace. This decision violates international law, destroys two-state solution and provokes the feelings of Palestinians.

Israeli Government which has occupied the Palestinian people’s hundreds-of-years-old homeland, violated commitments on a two-state solution by way of blockades and illegal settlements, attempted to preclude peace by itself and systematically violated UN resolutions. History and the conscience of humanity will never forgive injustices that our Palestinian brothers are subjected to.

As Hitit University, we declare that we strongly condemn this unfortunate and illegal decision of the US. 

In this inhuman massacre, we wish mercy for the innocent people for loss of their life and patience to all mankind. On this critical day, it is essential to display the utmost sensitivity required to prevent this unacceptable situation. As academicians are the propellant power of the society, we hope that you will share the same feelings by supporting us in this matter.

Best Regards,

Prof. Dr. Reha Metin ALKAN